and more releases ^^;

Hello :D

I have chapters 7&8 out for the leech!

have fun~<333


exams D:

I’d like to notify you dear leechers, that for the period of my finals, releases will be slow.

but will be back to normal after i finish up. thank you for your continued support ^^

for the leech~<3

chapters 5 & 6 are out. glad to have started vol.2! I hope you like it as much as i did :)


more releases ^^

yup ~ it’s more releases for you~<3

Chapters 3 & 4 are out go leech! go!



chapters 1 and 2 of junk are now available for leechers ^^ go grab them :)


Back To Life!

Summer is here and so are we! with new projects to make a leecher heaven of our tiny group ^^

please support us like you suppoted us before~<3


Hello world!


ok people sorry to have dragged you down with me all this time, but looking at the current circumstances this group is officially on Hiatus.
It will be back sometime in the future.
again i’m thankful for all the support i have received from you guys, I’ll be announcing this new through baka-updates so other member will be aware of it.



 Update (Monday, 3rd  September, 2007)

Saver Vol.2 Ch.2 ~Released 

Have fun ^^


This is the new born Mint Scans site! as requested from many Forum member, as you can see it’s still new, It’s Finally public but still new ^^ You’ll be reading our News and Updates here, Thank you for supporting us :) We only started a month ago and i didn’t think we’d become so popular so soon! I hope we are able to please you dear leechers more in the future x)

by the way, here we’ll be announcing the releases but the place to download is still the forum.

Saver vol.2 ch.1  ~Released

 We are always looking for Korean/japanes translators! especially Korean now!


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